4 Reasons You Should Move To Colorado

There seems to be an exodus from the coasts of people moving to Colorado these days. With the high cost of living inthe big cities in the Northeast Corridor, to Southern California, it is no wonder people are looking towards Colorado.

There are plenty of transplants there that will tell you that if you are thinking of moving there, that it should be an easy decision. 

What is it that makes Colorado such an attractive place to move to and settle down? Let’s take a look at some of the popular reasons that more Americans are opting for the Centennial State. Once you’re done, you’ll probably be ready to call a moving company in Fort Collins to get you there right away!

1 – Economics

There has been an uninterrupted upward trend of the state GDP since the recession of 2008.

This means that there are plenty of jobs in many different sectors. The tourism industry is seeing a big boom thanks to the Rocky Mountains and all the ski resorts. Tech is also a big draw to cities like Denver and Boulder.

And there are also possibilities in construction as there is such a high demand for new housing and businesses expanding.

2 – Lots of outdoor activities

There is no better place to have a staycation than in Colorado. Right on your doorstep you have excellent hiking in the summer and top-notch skiing in the winter. 

There is white water rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing and so much more. If you are an outdoorsy type of person then you will love all the possibilities that you’ll find in Colorado.

3- Great food scene

If you love beer then you won’t have to go far to find excellent microbrews. Colorado has a rich history of beer making and these days there is a brew pub in just about every town or city.

In addition, there is a culinary scene that rivals anywhere on the coasts. You’ll find lots of game meats prepared in a variety of ways since there is a long tradition of game hunting here. But vegetarians will also find plenty to satisfy themselves. 

4 – Great weather

People from northern states often don’t get to enjoy all four seasons. The winter lasts too long so you may really only get three seasons. In the South, it is hot and humid for much of the year so effectively you only get two.

Colorado gets beautiful weather from all four seasons. Sometimes in one day! If you love to enjoy the best part of each season, then you never really miss out on any season here. There is plenty of snow, but it doesn’t last for months. Summers are dry and warm and spring and fall both have crisp, cool air. 


This list is in no way complete as there are many reasons that individuals will be happy to find. Low cost of living compared to the coasts and great weather all year round are big draws in addition to the items on the list above. 

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