4 Most Colorful Villages around the World

Living in a village that’s teeming with colors may seem like the stuff of dreams and fairy tales, but it is true. If you do careful research and take the commendable effort of traveling to that visually enchanting place, you’re in for a special treat. Visiting and taking pictures of color villages around the world will not just make your blog posts interesting and your photos Instagram-worthy, but your posts, articles, and word-of-mouth advertising will help promote or boost local and international tourism in these places. There are many colorful places in the world, and here, we share four of the most colorful villages around the world.

1. Rainbow Village – Taichung, Taiwan

This village in the fringe of the city of Taichung offers more than just the seven streaks of colors in a rainbow – it offers visitors a place where artworks and colorful history tell a wonderful tale of how the village came to be. Famously named as the Rainbow Village in Taiwan, this colorful and cheerfully-themed village is a far cry from its original image as a military dependents’ village. The military dependents’ villages in the cities throughout Taiwan were hastily constructed in the 1950s when Chiang Kai-Shek and his supporters fled to the island. 

As years passed, many of these villages fell into disrepair or were abandoned, and the government took measures to demolish the military dependents’ villages. Thanks to the efforts of one remarkable village resident, Huang Yong-Fu, he was able to turn things around and convert his village into one of Taiwan’s hottest new attractions. Yong-Fu, now aged 98, was able to make his village as his great mural and art playground, where his creativity and artistic skill can be found in the countless colorful designs and characters all over the place. His art project, which now spans a decade since he started it, rightfully earns him the nickname Rainbow Grandpa. 

2. Bo-Kaap – Cape Town, South Africa

You will love to take long walks and gaze at the lovely houses in the neighborhood of Bo-Kaap in South Africa. Moreover, as you marvel at the wonderful sight of multi-colored walls and houses, you will also get to appreciate the colorful history of this town that celebrates cultural diversity and respect for ethnological solidarity. There are various claims about the colorful houses in the town. Some claim took on its colorful image to signify the end of the South African Apartheid police. 

Others claim that the colorful presentations date back way earlier – during the late 18th century – when Indonesians and Malays were forcefully migrated to the country as indentured laborers. The vibrant colors of the facades signified the freedom of the homeowners during the emancipation in the early 19th century. The colors of the houses in the Bo-Kaap neighborhood are not eye candies, but also fascinating reminders of the endless quest for social and ethnic harmony.

3. Positano – Campania, Italy

This colorful hillside village in the Province of Salerno in southern Italy provides a majestic view of the Amalfi Coast and its stunning blue water. Alternatively, when looking from the sea, the colorful houses of Positano paint the hills and the cliffs with vibrant and bold hues. Diverse colors and rich architecture match together to give this village a postcard-perfect appeal and lots of Instagrammable locations. It’s like the hill slopes are coming to life with colors during the day and they slowly fade and blend into the silhouettes cast by the bright evening lights of the village. Positano’s sloping location and great coastal view, coupled with the vibrant facade of the houses, make it a great location for relaxing and watching the sunrise and sunset on the horizon. 

4. Willemstad – Curacao

This town in the island country of Curacao may seem quaint and small, but it’s big when it comes to beauty. Not only does it have the charms of a tropical island (a typical feature of the Caribbean islands), but it also features a stunning visual array of colorful houses. An interesting historical story is that the vibrantly colored houses came about as an effort to alleviate and cure the headache of one of its administrators. 

When the Dutch ruled Curacao, one of its governors was convinced that his migraine was caused by the sun’s rays bouncing off from the whitewashed buildings. Thus, he ordered that the citizens paint their homes anything but white, which resulted in a brilliant fusion of colors. Now, the town enjoys its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, which means tourists and visitors will get to see this marvelous town for generations to come.

There are still plenty of places and villages where you can enjoy a stunning array of colors. Some may be obscure, while others may be well-known, but what matters is that the colors and whatever they signify are appreciated are shared with the world. Our life is an open book, so make it an interesting one by filling the pages with stories and experiences you gain from visiting colorful villages and places.

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