20 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

The best landscapes are those in which water finds a good spot to display its beauty. Lakes, ponds, rivers, they are all amazing in their own way, but the most spectacular form water can take is that of a waterfall. Delicate or tumultuous, waterfalls are always fascinating. See here twenty of the most beautiful ones in the world.

1. Langfoss in Norway

Langfoss in Norway A pristine waterfall, never used by man as a source of hydro-energy or any other type of hydro production, the Langfoss waterfall in Norway is 2,008 feet high. Its water rushes in a spectacular display of natural beauty.

2. Yosemite Falls in California

Yosemite Falls in California Yosemite is the tallest waterfall in North America and you can find it in the heart of the Yosemite National Park. It boasts a 1,430 feet plunge, then a 675 feet of cascades and finally a 320 feet horsetail.

3. Mardalsfossen in Norway

Mardalsfossen in Norway With two major falls and a beautiful section of cascades, Mardalsfossen is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world. It is tapped for hydro production, so you can only see it rush gloriously during the tourist season (between June 20 and August 20).

4. Takakkaw Falls in Canada

Takakkaw Falls in Canada About 125 feet of water can be seen falling from the Daly Glacier through the Rocky Mountains. This is the Takakkaw Falls in British Columbia, Canada, a glacial melt that falls grandiosely for 853 feet between two sections of cascades.

5. Angel Falls in Venezuela

Angel Falls in Venezuela Angel Falls is famous for being the tallest waterfall in the world. Up to 3,212 feet high, the spectacular waterfall boasts a drop of 2, 648 feet. Even though all these figures are fascinating, the most interesting about this fall is the fact that nobody knows what is the name of its stream.

6. Gocta Catarata in Peru

Gocta Catarata in Peru Documented by camera for the first time ever in 2002, Gocta Catarata has been a hidden treasure for a long time. It measures 2,531 feet and is now an irresistible tourist attraction for waterfall enthusiast and nature lovers.

7. Sutherland Falls in New Zealand

Sutherland Falls Coming from a glacier lake, called Lake Quill, the Sutherland Fall features three steps of up to 815 feet each. It measures 1904 feet in all and it is known around the world for its dazzling beauty.

8. Hanging Glacier Falls in Chile

Hanging Glacier Falls in Chile Another hidden treasure is the Hanging Glacier Fall in Queulat National Park, Chile. No one attempted to measure it yet, but it is estimate to drop for about 1,400-2,000 feet. This is definitely one of the best falls in South America.

9. Ramnelfjellsfossen in Norway

Ramnefjellsfossen in Norway The beautiful Ramnelfjellsfossen falls measure approximately 2,685 feet and feature gorgeous cascades and horsetails. Formerly known as Utigardsfossen, this is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.

10. Gavarnie Falls in France

Gavarnie Falls of France The tallest waterfall in France and one of the most amazing in Europe, the Gavarnie Falls measures 1,348. It is located in the central Pyrenees Mountains.

11. Engstiligenfäll in Switzerland

Engstligenfäll in Switzerland Probably the best thing about this waterfall is the fact that you can admire its beauty from a tram  that travels over it from its base to the top. It flaunts two horsetails that drop about 1,640 feet.

12. Serio Falls in Italy

Serio Falls in Italy Serio is the tallest waterfall in Italy. Located in the Lombardy region of the country, this waterfall is a rare sight, as it only flows for five days a year. Since it has been tapped for hydro production, the Serio Falls can only be admired on June 20, July 18, August 22, September 12 and October 3.

13. Sulphide Creek Falls

Sulphide Creek Falls Two large glaciers give life to this gorgeous waterfall in the North Cascades National Park, Washington State. After running into the Sulphide Lake, the waterfall starts rushing down for 2,100 feet, surrounded by a rich green vegetation.

14. Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe The gorgeous Victoria Falls are located between Zambia and Zimbabwe, right on the border. Its majesty lays in its width rather than in its height: it is 5,700 feet wide and only 350 feet tall.

15. Iguassu Falls in Argentina

Iguassu Falls in Argentina Also located on a border is the stunning Iguassu Fall. With a width of 8,858 feet, you can find it between Argentina and Brazil. While most of the waterfall is in Argentina, access to it is only possible from Brazil. Its most famous section is known as the “Devil’s Throat”.

16. Kjelfossen in Norway

Kjelfossen in Norway With one single drop of 490 feet, the Kjelfossen waterfall in Norway boasts a total height of about 2,477. The thing about its height is that it has never been officially established, but many insist that this is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world.

17. Kukenaam Falls in Venezuela

Kukenaam Falls in Venezuela Even though it is often considered to be one of the tallest in the world, the lovely Kukenaam Fall is actually not among the top five tallest waterfalls. It measures 2,211 feet and it is located somewhere in eastern Venezuela, near Guyana.

18. Yutaje Falls in Venezuela

Yutaje Falls in Venezuela
Yutaje Fall is the second tallest in Venezuela, measuring 2,200 feet. Several sections of cascades and plunges make it a gorgeous spectacle to admire.

19. Basaseachic Falls in Mexico

Basaseachic Falls in Mexico Probably the tallest waterfall in Mexico, the Basaseachic Fall is 1,023 feet tall, dropping in a giant horsetail. It’s absolutely amazing how it squeezes itself between the mountains and falls with mind-blowing power to the ground.

20. Tjotafossen in Norway

Kjenndalsbreen Glacier Coming from the Brisdale Glacier in Norway, the Tjotafossen waterfall boasts a superb 1,837-foot horsetail. Many choose this place for a family picnic spot.

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