10 4X4 Accessories You Cannot Live Without

Owning a 4X4 means you can go where most people only dream about going. If you’re looking to upgrade your ride and take your off-road adventures to the next level, these are 10 of the best 4X4 accessories around.

Goodyear DuraTrac Tires

The stock tires that came with your 4X4 are great and all, but upgrading to off-road tires and truck wheels can help you get a grip — on the terrain, that is. These Goodyear tires can increase your traction on muddy trails and shifting sand dunes, as well as provide absorption on the ruggedest of roads.

Smittybilt All Element Ramps

Sure, you could lay down one of your floor mats, but you’d be better off with these traction aids from Smittybilt. They’re built to boost your 4X4 out of snow, sand, or mud and can support up to 7,700 pounds each.

ARB E-Z Tire Deflator Kit

When the rocky road seems bottomless, it’s time to increase your traction. The best way to do that is to let some air out of your tires. This deflator kit makes that ordinarily time-consuming process quick and easy.

Weather Tech No Drill Mud Flaps

These easy-to-install rear guards will protect your 4X4’s paint and spare whatever you’re towing from being blasted with your debris. No cutting or drilling is required.

Rubicon Express 3.5-Inch Standard Coil Lift Kit

Upgrading your suspension can take your ride to new heights — literally. The extra clearance can be the difference between a mind-blowing rock crawl and bottoming out. This lift kit from Rubicon won’t your bust budget either.

Bilstein B6 Series Suspension Strut Assembly

If you’re interested in improving your 4X4’s handling and overall ride quality, these Bilstein struts have your name on them. Their monotube design means you’ll have a fade-free ride each and every time you take your vehicle out on — er, off — the road.

Smittybilt XRC 97495 Winch

A winch is a no-brainer when you’re off-roading, but that doesn’t mean choosing the right one for your ride is easy. With its 6.6 HP series motor and a line pull rated at 9,500 pounds, this heavy-duty winch from Smittybilt can get you out of the stickiest situations with ease.

Warn Trans4mer Grille Guard

This versatile and affordable grille guard from Warn can be configured in myriad ways to match your off-road style. It sports two uprights and a pair of crossbars that serve as the foundation for a wide range of add-ons and customizations, including light mounts and brush guards.

Hi-Lift XT-605 Jack

If you’ve upgraded your suspension and wheels, you’re going to need to upgrade your jack, too. This rust-resistant, single-position jack from Hi-Lift reaches a max height of 60 inches and can winch, spread, or clamp a tidy 5,000 pounds.

Rampage Recovery Trail Gear Multi Shovel

Sometimes when you’re stuck, the only solution is to get down, get dirty, and get to digging. With a blade made from tempered, forged steel with serrated edges, this shovel can get you moving again. Its tri-fold design makes storage simple, too.Accessories are your way to personalize your 4X4. Hit the web to find a “truck accessories store near me,” and turn it into a ride that was tailor-made for you. Choose parts that cater to your riding style and play to your vehicle’s strengths.

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