Young Island, A Luxurious Caribbean Paradise

Young Island is a 35-acre paradise in the Grenadines, with 29 luxury cottages for guests to enjoy all year round. It is located some 200 yards off St. Vincent’s coast and it offers the perfect combination of privacy and access to the 21st century civilization.

The home rentals and resort’s location is one of its best assets, but its services and accommodation options are also praiseworthy. The small island can even be rented as a whole, but most guests choose to enjoy one of the many irresistible packages that the resort offers every season. This year for instance, you can book 7 nights and only pay 5, or you can go for a 14-night stay and pay for just 10 nights.

Your vacation on the Young Island will definitely be a memorable Caribbean experience. The island’s private luxury yachts can take you on wonderful expeditions among the Grenadines, so there is no way you will get bored during your lush getaway. And as a final touch, the resort boasts an exquisite cuisine and romantic alfresco dining opportunities.

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