Yamaha Unveils New Color Options for the 2013 YFZ-R1 Bike

Did you feel that the YFZ-R1 sports bike that Yamaha unveiled last year was incredibly close to perfection? If you did, you were not the only one. Apparently the specialists at Yamaha themselves felt that their last project was so close to pinnacle design and engineering, that they didn’t feel the need to make any serious changes to the 2013 Yamaha YFZ-R1. The only thing that they seem to have changed is the color of the outstanding motorcycle.

The older Team Yamaha Blue and White colors are still available, and to them the Japanese manufacturer added the Rapid Red, Matte Grey and Raven color schemes. The rest is pretty much the same: the improved traction control system from last year, the liquid cooled 4-cylinder 998cc engine, the excellent 6-speed multi-plate slipper clutch transmission, and even the old wheel designs. Prices for the 2013 YFZ-R1 vary between $14,290 and $14,490.

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