Yacht & Life for Luxury Yacht and Private Jet Travel

While it is great to travel the world in style both on water and in air, many people find it a bit too demanding to seek different companies when they need to switch from air to water while on their way to a special or important place. For this specific reason, Blue Jet Capital and Floating Life joined forces to come up with a new service that would provide both types of travel to the well-heeled.

The name of the program is Yacht & Life, and what it offers is professional assistance with charter, brokerage, refitting and production of super-yachts as well as private/business jets. This will ensure seamless journeys all around the globe, both across the oceans and across the skies.

You can now enjoy extra comfort and flawless services under one management. And if you need to refit your own luxury aircraft and superyacht, the same professional team will help you with that too.




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