World’s Second Priciest Handbag Would Set You Back $178,000

The second most expensive handbag in the world is a truly spectacular product that features a price tag of $178,000, and it is being offered by the revered House of Borgezie. Dubbed Le Palais, the clutch looks simply breathtaking thanks to a royal-like design inspired by the gates of the Buckingham Palace, and it offers enough space for small makeup kits or smartphones. However, as with all expensive things in the world, the clutch also comes with a lengthy warranty of 1,000 years. Sounds familiar?

The Contessa Wafer  stilettos offered by the same House of Borgezie also come with a millennium-long warranty, and the similarities between the 2 products don’t end here as the clutch was created by the same man that made the shoes: Christopher Michael Shellis.

The clutch flaunts a House of Borgezie’s coat of arms and required over 100 hours of hard work in order to be complete. Its adornments involve clasps made out of 18-carat-gold, 345 diamonds and a small, beautiful blue butterfly.

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