World’s Most Expensive Tea Pot Costs $3 Million

The most expensive teapot in the world is included in the renowned The Chitra Collection, which has an estimated total worth of $212 million. The teapot itself is worth “just” $3 million, and it was designed by the founder of the N Sethia Foundation and Newby Teas of London, Nirmal Sethia. It was created to raise awareness to the cultural and historic importance of tea, and it was adorned by a Milanese jeweler named Scavia.

World's Most Expensive Tea Pot Costs $3 Million 1

To get into specifics, it flaunts 1,658 D and E color grade diamonds and 386 rubies, while the highlight comes in the form of a central 6.67-carat Thai ruby. Moreover, a ruby bead was used to adorn the top of the lid, which apparently shines just “like the sun of Southeast Asia.” The teapot was dubbed The Egoist, and it is probably the most beautiful object of its kind in the world.

World's Most Expensive Tea Pot Costs $3 Million 2

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