World’s Most Expensive Plectrums Come from Timber Tones

Wondering what to add to your collection of most expensive things? Well, how about a nice platinum plectrum from Timber Tones? Of course, this is going to be an even more exciting purchase if you are also an enthusiastic guitar player. The UK-based manufacturer of luxury plectrums has recently launched an all new line of exquisite pieces, all made of luxe metals such as silver, gold, palladium and platinum.

The collection is called Treasure Tones and the most expensive piece is the platinum one, priced at £5,000 (approximately $7,800). Each example in the new collection is an example of the finest plectrums you can find, having been carefully handcrafted to perfection by the country’s best goldsmiths. They boast the Assay of London hallmark, which is one of the best validations of quality a luxe product can get.

A 2.5 mm hole permits the insertion of a necklace for anyone who wants to wear the plectrum as a jewel. After all, paying that much for a piece like this should be rewarded with the possibility of effortlessly showing it off. And if you want to take things even further up on the scale of exclusivity, you can alsocustomize your plectrum for an additional fee.



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