World’s Most Expensive Cupcake Can Be Tasted in Dubai

The most expensive cupcake has been recently unveiled at the new Bloomsbury’s store in The Dubai Mall. Using only the best possible ingredients, Bloomsbury’s makes what are arguably the best cupcakes in the Middle East. As they opened a new store in Dubai, they also set a new record in pricing their most extravagant creation ever.

The Most Expensive Edible Cupcake ever created is the opulent Golden Phoenix cupcake, priced at $1,010. This culinary work of art is made with high-quality, expensive ingredients, including 23-carat edible gold leaf, Doves organic flour, Premium Amedei Porcelana cocoa from Italy, Rachels organic UK butter, organic strawberries, and more. Bloomsbury’s spent more than $28,000 to be able to unveil the precious creation in a gala event.

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