World’s Most Expensive Burger Was Made In Dubai

Beating the record for the world’s most expensive burger, which was sold in Las Vegas for $5,000, the current holder of the prestigious title was bought for no less than $7,000 and was made in Dubai. The burger was created during an event called Pink Bite, which took place at Dubai Mall’s Galleries Lafayette and was hosted by a UAE-based organization named Pink Caravan.

World's Most Expensive Burger (2)

The organization aims to raise awareness regarding breast cancer and performs breast cancer-related examinations. During the event, its members were paired into teams and were tasked with the creation of delicious burgers that were later sold at auction. All for a worthy cause. The culinary delight that we’re talking about was created by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Thani, who is also the chairman of Sharjah’s Department of Statistics and Community Development. The event managed to raise a total of $19,700, which is definitely something to be proud of.

World's Most Expensive Burger (1)


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