World’s Most Expensive Abaya by Designer Debbie Wingham

Remember the world’s most expensive black diamond dress?  Its designer, Debbie Wingham ,has recently unveiled another stunning creation decked with rare and expensive diamonds, only this time it’s not a red carpet gown but an elegant Abaya.

Wealthy Islamic women will definitely find this piece very appealing, but this is a one-off creation, and only one lucky lady will have the honor of wearing it. That is, of course, if she is willing to splurge around $17.7 million on it. Yes, this is the estimated value of the Abaya.

The explanation lies in the staggering number of red, black and white diamonds that it flaunts – some of the rarest and most expensive there are. The gems alone are valued at approximately $7.4 million, while the rest of the price is justified by the 200,000-plus hand stitches made with white gold thread of 14 carats.