World’s Largest UHD TV by Samsung Is Worth $150,000

Samsung proved once more than it is way ahead of its competition by releasing the world’s largest Ultra HD TV, which features a mind-boggling resolution as well as a diagonal length of 110 inches. The TV was unveiled just a week before the 2014 edition of the Consumer Electronic Show, which will take place in Las Vegas starting January 7.

The massive TV measures 8.5 feet by 5.9 feet, and it will be initially available for purchase in Europe, China and in the Middle East. However, this fantastic piece of tech comes with a stinging price tag of $152.000, which would definitely pose some problems for the average citizen. Admittedly, 4K resolution is extremely impressive at this point, since it ensures highly improved image fidelity and sharpness compared to regular HD TVs, but as the technology will become more and more accessible, the prices will definitely go down as well. However, due to its immense size, Samsung’s UHD TV is surely worth the money, and we expect it to be a remarkable success.