World’s First Jewelry iPhone 6 by Mana Skull

If none of the stock iPhone 6 models manage to meet your design preferences, give Mana Skull a go. The company has announced the world’s first limited edition jewelry iPhone 6, all draped in solid gold and adorned with thousands of sparkling diamonds.

Limited to only 50 units, the luxury cell phone is a 128GB version and comes with iOS 8. The case is not just gold plated, but actually manufactured of solid 18kt gold, which makes it both more exclusive and more durable. The final touches of opulence are given by 2,595 yellow, 2,009 black and 319 white diamonds, totaling 10.21 carats.

Gold iPhones by Mana skull 4 Gold iPhones by Mana skull 5 Gold iPhones by Mana skull 3 Gold iPhones by Mana skull 2

Each Mana Skull iPhone 6 takes an impressive 320 hours of painstaking work to finish. A number of master craftsmen and artisans work exclusively with ethically-sourced materials, paying meticulous attention to every detail. The phone is sold in a beautiful custom box and comes with matching accessories. A one-year warranty is offered worldwide.


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