World’s First Hermés Luxury Condominium Located in Singapore

A very enthusiastic team of professional decorators have recently completed the first Hermés apartment building in the world. They chose the Marq on Paterson Hill luxe condominium in Singapore, a property owned by SC Global Developments and located in the Signature Tower at the Marq.

Led by famous French designer Yves Taralon, the Hermés team paid extreme attention to every detail of the 3,000-square-foot to 15,000-square-foot apartments, and the result was simply stunning. Taralon, the Creative Director of La Table Hermés, worked in close collaboration with Michelle Cheong, who is the Creative Director of SC Global Design.

Only high-end materials and finishes were used for this fabulous project, matched with luxurious fabrics and a bold combination of colors. Custom leather upholstered items, beautiful furnishings, lavish wallpapers, expensive carpets, luxe tableware, and remarkable artworks are just some of the elements that make these dwelling true realms of refined taste and sophistication.

According to Hélène Durbule, the General Manager of Hermés Maison, the Hermés Home Division, “Based on a shared quest for excellence, this ambitious realization expresses for the first time Hermés’ dedication to cater personalized interior design services, echoing the spirit of the tradition of French décorateurs ensembliers.”




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