World of Warcraft and Starcraft Theme Park in China

World Joyland is the first World of Warcraft and Starcraft theme park in the world. Even though it is not authorized by Blizzard or Activision, the fun that you can have here is excellent! Spread across a 600,000square-foot area, the park is split into two sections: the Universe of Starship for the Starcraft zone and the Terrain of Magic for the World of Warcraft zone.

The awesome Joyland took $31 million to build and has more than thrilling rides to offer to its visitors. There also are oversized gaming facilities in the park for those who want to experience some truly awesome digital fun. The concept is simple and actually quite necessary for our world today: merge virtual fun with real life entertainment.

Here are some photos and a video that will help you get a better picture of what Joyland is all about.

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