Workplace Health and Safety Is Everyone’s Mission

Workplace health and safety is everyone’s mission – and responsibility.  In the past, it was thought of differently but, nowadays, it is clear what the impact of healthy team members is on a business.   That’s why you typically see companies offering incentives with fully equipped on site gyms with rubber gym flooring to prevent injuries, additional health care benefits, changes in workspace and timing, and so much more..  The changes are not just government mandated – but ones that companies themselves are making on a daily basis.

The corporate culture has changed to one of a more work/life balance with lots of innovative ideas and products designed to help employees reduce their physical stress in the workplace. From specialized keyboards to ergonomic seating to standing desks, nothing is off the proverbial table when it comes to employee health and workplace safety.  Just making small changes has a tremendous impact.

Supporting Your Team

Companies are supporting their workers more and more.  They are listening to their needs and finding research that tells them to do so.  For example, the Pennington Biomedical Research Center recently issued findings based on “studying the lifestyles of over 17,000 American adults over a 13-year time span.”  In the report, they found that those who sit for a large majority of the day at the office (or at home), are “54% more likely to die from a heart attack.”  This is something we can all learn from.

When being sedentary is something that can cause heart attacks, it is something so simple to fix.  And other organizations, like the American Chiropractic Association agree. Their research has shown that over fifty percent of working Americans complain of back pain annually.  That is literally half of the work force!

Back pain is not only the leading cause of worker’s compensation claims but it also accounts for over 264 million sick days annually.  To give this some perspective, that is an average of two days missed from work, that aren’t vacation days or holidays, per worker in the United States of America.  That is almost incomprehensible.

Yet another study recently released emphasized the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.  In this study by The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, scientists found a significant correlation “between a sedentary lifestyle and an increased risk of early death, independent of BMI and physical activity.”  The study also noted that with a sedentary lifestyle comes an increased risk of diabetes and certain types of cancers.

What do each of these studies tell us?  It is time to stand up while working and move around in some manner on a regular basis.

Stand Up and Stretch

There is a solution on the market today which enables the functionality of standing while increasing the productivity of working.  That answer: the stand-up desk. Adjustable in height for personalization, a great majority of employees using stand-up desks love them.  In fact, they tout them as a great invention that has changed the flow of their work and, at times, helping their creativity to thrive. As with any technology or innovation, there are also enhancements to be made and things to focus on.

Smart Stand-Up Desk Tools: The Next Innovation

The next innovation for the stand-up desk is most certainly the BLACKROLL® SMART MOVE BOARD.  This product makes standing more comfortable and enables users to massage their feet and move from side to side while working.  It encourages flexibility and keeps your legs from getting too tired.

The SMART MOVE BOARD is designed with the highest levels of sports therapy in mind and made of a specific foam that encourages standing while reducing wear and tear on your feet and surrounding muscles.

The small ridges on the board were designed to stimulate the soles of the user’s feet, thus enabling stretching and comfort. Also included in the product are a set of self-massage tools to reduce any remaining stress on the feet from a long day at work. The BLACKROLL® SMART MOVE BOARD is sold exclusively by online healthy lifestyle platform, Active Life Solutions.

For those who elect to use a standing desk and elevate their health, there is nothing like it.  It may take a bit to get used to but once you do, it will help you live a longer, healthier life.  When adding the BLACKROLL® SMART MOVE BOARD into the mix, one always knows they are taking their wellness to the next level of support.