Will Bentley Unveil an SUV at the Geneva Motor Show?

One of the most anticipated automotive events of the year is the Geneva Motor Show. At this year’s upcoming edition, which will take place between March 8-18, car enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness the launch of some pretty spectacular vehicles, maybe even a Bentley SUV in a concept version.

Even though Christophe Georges, Bentley’s president and COO, declared that the company is only “exploring the potential”, and that it hasn’t yet approved the vehicle, Autoweek has started spreading rumors about a potential lunch of a sturdy yet elegant Bentley SUV.

If the vehicle will be unveiled at Geneva, we expect it to have an Audi Q7-based platform and outstanding off-road capabilities. It will probably be powered by an extremely potent turbocharged W12 engine, making it almost impossible to resist its appeal. If the launch will happen next month, Bentley will probably also give more details about whether or not the SUV will enter production. Until then, all we have to show are these two really nice renderings of the concept.

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