Why Experts Say Using At-Home Dog Training Devices Like BarxBuddy Really Works

Stop unwanted dog barking with the BarxBuddy dog training device.

Train your dog at home with the BarxBuddy dog training device.

We at BarxBuddy offer a unique dog training device you can use at your home. Our device lets you train your dog at home with ease.

Our system uses a unique approach to training your dog. When you press the button, the BarxBuddy dog training device emits a 30,000-hertz frequency sound that will grab your dog’s attention.

The sound will get your dog’s attention, helping you to correct unwanted behaviors. The system helps you gently train your dog without touching your dog or raising your voice when issuing commands.

Dog training experts have found that devices like ours are exceptionally effective in helping correct unwanted behaviors in dogs. The system we provide offers a useful way to help you handle your dog’s needs.

Getting Attention Is Critical

The sounds that at-home dog training devices produce are high-frequency tones, but the practice isn’t about causing discomfort in a dog. It is about getting that dog’s attention.

High-frequency sounds distract dogs and prompt them to look at the source. The dog can observe your commands after noticing the sound.

It becomes easier for the dog to recognize that you don’t want your dog to participate in whatever unwanted behavior you’re trying to control.

Works With a Pairing System

At-home dog training devices also work as part of a pairing system. Dog trainers feel that the best way to train a dog is to alert the dog about unwanted behaviors and to provide treats when the dog engages in the right actions.

You can use your training device to alert the dog and then provide a treat when the dog does the right thing. The dog will associate the proper action with positive reinforcement, while the negative action will result in something distracting and bothersome.

The sound won’t be an extreme irritant, but it can still be a hassle to the dog.

Better Than Firm Commands

Another consideration experts have is that issuing firm commands to your dog isn’t always right. Your dog might misinterpret any harsh commands you issue.

For example, you might try to get a dog to stop barking at certain times. But if you are overly rough when speaking to the dog, your dog will think you’re joining in on the barking.

An at-home training device can work alongside a gentle command to let the dog know what you want.

Part of an Extended System

Solutions like the BarxBuddy dog training device are designed to be a small part of an extended at-home training program. You can use an ultrasonic device alongside things like treats for reinforcement or toys that the dog can collect and use.

The process takes time, but it is effective in giving your dog an idea of what it should be doing when behaving and that you’re keeping its actions in check.

The BarxBuddy dog training device is a useful solution for when you’re aiming to teach your dog to listen to your commands. You’ll be impressed with how well it works when you’re looking for a way to teach your dog the right behaviors.