Why do Brits love caravanning?

Is there anything more quintessentially British than a Bank Holiday in a caravan, as you sit under an awning listening to the pitter patter of summer raindrops whilst eating fish and chips?  

There are so many reasons we love caravanning in the UK. Long before package holidays to Spain, caravanning to the coast was THE only holiday to have, and it appears our love for the open road and the great outdoors is stronger than ever. And with a potential no deal Brexit on the cards, it looks like the traditional staycation is here to stay. But why do we love caravanning so much? 

Freedom to explore 

The great thing about caravanning is it offers you the freedom to load up the car on a Friday night after work and travel anywhere, knowing you’ve got all you need for a weekend away. Many parks now have online booking facilities making it easier than ever to pitch up. You get to travel on your own timetable, and go at your own pace.  

A little bit of luxury 

Long gone are the days when caravans were seen as a poor man’s holiday. Now caravans are all mod cons, with electric showers and satellite dishes; some can even park themselves. Whilst some models will set you back thousands, you can pick up a second-hand one for a few hundred pounds, and with some paintwork and fresh fabric you can create your own home-away-from-home.   

Have your own space 

Whilst staying in a hotel is great – the novelty soon wears off when you have to share your space with all the other guests. With caravanning you have your own space, from a living area to kitchen, bedrooms and of course bathroom.  

Part of a community 

The world of caravanning is like a secret club, and once you’re in it, you’re introduced to a whole new world. Fellow caravanners will admire your caravan when you’re pitched up and will often tell you about great spots they’ve been to. You’ll never be short of holiday inspiration.  

It’s cheaper than a lot of holidays 

Once you’ve purchased your caravan, the holidays themselves are remarkably cheap. And most camping and caravan sites have some of the best views for miles around, whether you choose to be beachside in Cornwall or have endless views of the Yorkshire Dales.  

If you still need a bit more persuading on traditional caravanning, why not give a static caravan holiday a go? Park holidays are increasing in popularity, as more and more people enjoy the benefits of caravanning, but without the hassle of towing one!  

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