White Lizard Smartphone

It’s been a while since owning a smart-phone became a must.  The TAG Heuer Company, famous for producing limited edition timepieces, has perfectly adapted to the new trend. They recently designed the luxurious White Lizard smartphone.

The White Lizard smartphone has a 3.5 inch Gorilla Glass touch screen and a 5 megapixel camera for perfect pictures and videos. As any luxury item, it is encrusted with diamonds (1007 stones). The gems cover the stainless steel body, while the battery cover has a special design and is made from white lizard leather with animal patterns.

Besides the latest Android operating system, which offers the opportunity to connect to your own computer, the phone also features security and shock-proof construction. The 1GHz processor makes sure that everything runs quickly and smoothly.

White Lizard Smartphone


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