What’s The Best New Tech For Your 2019 Smart Home?

We’re lucky enough to live in an age where pretty much everybody is into their tech. Gone are the days where we have to pick up a wired phone to speak to our friends and family. Gone are the days where you have to head to the library to use the internet, and gone are the days where useful information isn’t easy to obtain. We’re also lucky enough to be able to integrate our tech into everyday life at home. Did you know that even though tech is already making life easier at home, you can also make it even more simple for yourself? Take a look at this list of best smart home automations so that you can reap the full benefits of tech in your home in 2019!


You’ve probably been in the position of feeling so comfortable that you don’t want to move at some point or another and now, thanks to smart tech, you don’t have to! Feeling cosy on the sofa and don’t feel like getting up to turn the heat up a little? No worries! Now you can control your thermostat from an app on your phone so that not only can you continue relaxing and not have to miss out on your favourite TV show, but you’re also able to control the heating in your home when you’re not even there! Imagine being out on a cold day and remembering you didn’t set your radiators to come on before you come home? Now you can do it so that when you do arrive home after a long day, it’s as cosy and welcoming as you’d imagined.


A simple fact is that not many people around the world actually enjoy doing chores. So much so that many people now even choose to hire a cleaner just to avoid having to do it. Well, rather than spending money on a cleaner a few times a week, why not invest in technology that will help make chores super simple?

Did you know that you can buy a handy device that will save you having to water your garden when you’re busy (or at all)? Again, you can control it from a simple app and use voice activation to tell it to turn on your sprinklers. Not only do you not have to spend time watering the garden, but your garden will look healthy all of the time!

Money saving

We’re always looking for ways to save money and yep, you guessed it, there is now tech paired with apps that can help aid this! Imagine going away for the weekend and realising that you’ve forgotten to turn the lights off at home? A handy piece of tech called Hue now allows you to remotely control your lighting. While it might not cost you a bomb if you are forgetful once every now and then, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save each year with this piece of tech! Not only that, but you’re able to control how bright your lights are which, of course, could save you a considerable amount of money each year!


One of the greatest things about technology is that it’s super convenient and generally makes life much easier, so it seems silly not to mention convenient tech that you should check out! Picture this –

The doorbell rings and you’re not expecting anyone. Do you:

  1. Get up and check who’s at the door, risking being caught in conversation with a cold caller?
  2. Check your phone to see who’s ringing the doorbell because you’ve got a small camera installed on your front door?

We’re pretty sure we know which one you’d choose!

Did you know that you can also use technology to make home life even more convenient? If you’ve got a large family it’s likely that not everyone wants to watch the same television come evening time. Multiple devices are playing throughout your home but not everyone has full choice on what they want to watch. You can now buy a handy multiroom HDTV matrix system so that everyone’s happy.


Finally, staying healthy is one of the biggest priorities in a person’s life, and now you can use tech to make that task even easier! Did you know that there are now weighing scales that not only tell you your weight, but they can also track your water content, fat content, and even heart rate! Of course, they come with handy apps that allow you to track your weight loss or weight gain, making life super simple!

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