What Toxins are Released During Massage

Massage can be very beneficial as a health treatment. It not only alleviates tension and reduces stress; it can also help release toxins that accumulate in the body, leading to better health and a happier outlook on life.

So what toxins are released during massage? 

Toxins can accumulate in the body for a wide range of reasons. Stress can lead to an excess of cortisol – the stress hormone that can cause a range of medical problems. Other toxins may include lactic acid produced throughout the exercise and the toxin that can impede fast post-workout recovery. It may be caused by bacteria such as exotoxins and endotoxins. 

A massage that gently kneads away knotted muscles or enables your lymphatic system to drain correctly will help your body recover from the stress and strain of absorbing all those toxins.

Once you know what toxins are released during a massage, you can stay more aware of how to prevent toxic buildup. 

Drink water for health

All massage therapists recommend that staying hydrated is crucial for health. Water flushes your system removing dietary toxins such as caffeine, food preservatives, and alcohol, keeping your skin and your body hydrated and in top condition. Water flushes your kidneys and liver keeping your digestive system in perfect condition. 

Massage therapy is a fantastic way to rejuvenate tired muscles and restore lost energy so is a treatment that is very effective for all people whether athletes, business executives or anyone who needs to feel better able to cope with the rigors of modern life. When you understand what toxins are released during a massage, you can easily see how important it is, to remove these harmful substances from your body. 

Supplements can help too 

Detox Pure Pack is a fantastic way to detox with or without a full body massage. This supplement from Pure Encapsulations offers a gentle way to detoxify your body and to boost your whole immune system.

Detox Pure Pack contains a fantastic range of vitamins plus natural substances to help support your GI function, your liver health, your heart function and even your mental acuity. Safe and natural, Detox Pure Pack is ideal for short-term or long-term use and provides everything you need for a health-boosting detox in just one product. 

Not all supplements are the same. Some detox supplements work by causing excessive bowel movements and can lead to diarrhea and digestive issues. The great thing about Detox Pure Pack is that this supplement is gentle and effective so only delivers the benefits of vitamins and natural health-boosting substances, which are proven to work.