What is the Best Diamond Clarity Grade?

If you have never purchased diamonds before, settling on the right one can be a challenge. It even gets harder when you have to pick the right piece from a diamond store with many options. In this buying guide, we will learn more about the clarity of diamonds, as well as other important aspects to consider when making a purchase.

The 4Cs of Diamond 

Let us first gain a clear understanding of the 4Cs of a diamond before going into detail. They include cut, colour, clarity, and carat. These are the most important characteristics of a diamond to consider before making a purchase.


You want to get a diamond with zero imperfections within and on the surface of the stone. While internal imperfections are known as inclusions, the ones that occur on the surface are known as blemishes. If you are looking for a beautiful diamond, then you should not be worried about inclusions, unless naked eyes can see them.

“Eye clean” is a term used to describe imperfections that cannot be seen by naked eyes unless magnification glasses are used. To maximize your budget, you want to start your search from Slightly Included (SI) and Very Slightly Included (VS) grades since you will not see inclusions unless you use magnification.

Diamond clarity plays an important role in determining its overall beauty. Just like other Cs, clarity is a crucial aspect when making a purchase. Clarity can affect the price of a diamond, but you can use the other three factors to determine the grade of diamond you intend to buy.

Pricescope Diamond and jewellery forum can be of help if you are looking to buy a precious stone with the perfect diamond clarity. Also, it is a good source of relevant information that can help make the most informed decision ahead of your purchase.

What is the Best Clarity Grade of Diamonds?

Diamond can be placed under six categories with up to eleven grades. This can be done as follows:

· I1, I2, I3 (Included Diamonds)- These might have easily visible inclusions that affect the overall beauty of the diamond.

· SI1, SI2, (Slightly Included Diamonds SI)- These diamonds have inclusions that can be seen under 10X magnification 

· VS1, VS2 (Very Slightly Included Diamonds)- These stones have minuscule inclusions that might not even be seen by trained eyes under 10x magnification.

· Internally Flawless diamonds- These stones might have some surface imperfections that are only visible under a microscope.

· Flawless Diamonds- These are perfect, with internal and external clarity. Note that of all diamonds, only less than 1% attain this level of clarity

The other Cs include:


This is one of the most important factors to look into once you get into a diamond store. It has a significant influence on the diamond’s sparkle. Even though we believe that cut is vital, no single cut can be beneficial for everyone. 


Diamond comes in a wide range of colours, and this determines their quality. This factor can also be used to describe the diamond’s lack of colour. Note that the grade of diamond goes higher depending on how colourless it is. 


Carat is the weight of the diamond, not its size. When determining the weight of a diamond, you want to consider the carat as well since it contributes to diamond clarity. 


If you want to buy a diamond, it is crucial to be aware of GIA and AGS certification. Certification can be essential when it comes to determining the quality of the diamond you consider buying. These two organizations use reliable parameters to test the 4Cs of diamond to ensure that they are of standard quality.

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