What Is Rose Wine?

Pouring red wine from bottle into glass with wooden wine casks on background

Rose wine, or Rosé, has become increasingly popular in the US in recent years. It is especially beloved as a cool, crisp summer drink for the early evening. 

This is a lovely wine for sipping at a Backyard BBQ or over hors d’oeuvres. Here’s what you need to know about what rose wine is and the best way for you to enjoy it.

What Is A Rose Wine?

Rose wines are so named because of their soft pink color, reminiscent of rose blossoms, not because there is any rose in the wine. Pink grapes don’t exist in nature, so where does rose wine come from? 

Rose wines are made in a similar way as red wines, except that instead of allowing the skins to soak with the juice for long enough to impart a deep red color, they are only allowed to soak long enough to develop a soft pink coloration. 

Taking the skins out earlier also affects the taste of the wine. Therefore, rose wine is an entirely distinct wine from red and white wines.

Is Rose Wine Made By Mixing White And Red Wine?

Many people think that rose wine is made when white and red wines are mixed. This is occasionally done, but it is generally disapproved of by the wine community. 

Mixing wines in this way can create a conflicting taste that is not pleasant. For the most part, you can expect any quality rose wine to be made from red grapes.

How To Serve Rose Wine

Rose wine is neither white nor red, so it can be a bit confusing to determine exactly how you should serve it. Should it be served at a cool room temperature like red wine or should it be chilled like white? The answer is that rose wine should be treated more like white wine than red. 

Rose wines are best served between 50 and 60 degrees. You may like it straight from the fridge, or you may decide to let it rest on the counter for a short time before drinking. 

Once opened, it’s best to let the bottle or can sweat on the table rather than putting it back in the fridge. The flavor and aroma changes subtly. You’ll enjoy the changing taste as you drink.

It is best to choose clear glass wine glasses from which to enjoy your rose wine, so that you can appreciate the subtle and attractive color of the wine. Of course, if you’re enjoying a fun afternoon drinking canned wine, there’s no reason not to drink it straight from the can and don’t bother slowing down to enjoy it.

How To Get Rose Wine

You can buy rose wine in a typical glass bottle, boxed wine, or choose a canned variety. Many people make the false assumption that glass bottles are better, but in fact, a can offers a more environmentally friendly, easier to ship, and more convenient to store option. 

Furthermore, each can of rose wine has about a glass and a half of wine, so if you don’t want to drink an entire bottle in a sitting, a can is a much better option. A glass and a half is about right for many people. If you’d like to indulge a bit more, two cans is about right.

Choose A Great Rose Wine

The best rose wine has subtle fruity flavors that give you a sense of the summer, while also being dry enough that they aren’t overwhelming if you want to have a couple. Look for flavors like white peach, strawberry, and raspberry. Turn your nose up at any rose wine that adds sugar. The natural sweetness from the fermentation process is more than enough sweetness for you to enjoy.

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