What Birthday Present You Should Get For A Party Maniac

The topic of birthday gifts is always confusing. While many people resort to traditional gifts such as perfumes, watches, or a collection of skincare products, there are many people out there who believe that choosing the right gift is an art. This art requires an understanding of the other person’s personality, likes, and dislikes. For example, if your friend is a party maniac who cares about nothing other than booze and loud music, then conventional gifts are bound to fail with their personality because they are the exact opposite of conventional. 

For these types of friends, we have collected some of the best and craziest ideas to suit their wild spirits.

A Cool Flask

There are endless shapes and different styles of flasks. Hip flasks have been around since the Stone Age where it was only made out of animal bladders to our today world’s traditional stainless-steel flask. The flask evolved from holding liquids to its exclusive purpose nowadays which is carrying and consuming liquor. Party animals would definitely appreciate this gift not just for its ease of use, but as a timeless accessory. Hip flasks got their name because they can be carried in a hip pocket of trousers. However, it’s better to hold your flask inside a coat. This way, you will ensure that your alcohol stays cooler for longer.

Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses 

All tequila lovers out there would be happy to know that you don’t have to go through the long process of salt, tequila, and lime to have a proper shot. Nowadays, you can find Himalayan salt shot glasses that are made of salt to add a little kick to your tequila. This gift for tequila lovers would make their lives easier. Since the shot glass is made out of pure salt, all they need is to pour their shot and they are ready to go. Even though they won’t last forever, it’s a practical and thoughtful gift.

Customized T-shirts 

Even though flasks are a man’s favorite accessory, they can still be gifted to your party maniac female friends. However, customized t-shirts are way cooler and gender-neutral. You can get new bomb booze t shirts with mottos such as “save water, drink beer”. If you are not sure about such quotes, then it is better to stick to a simpler style with their favorite type of alcohol. This minimalistic gift will not only appeal to any alcohol lover, but the personalization of the gift makes it ten times better. This way, you can show to your friends how deeply you know them.

Whiskey Stones 

Those who love whiskey on rocks will now be pleased with this innovative idea. Instead of being worried about drinking your shot fast enough before the ice cube melts, you can use stones that will keep your drink chilled while you sip comfortably at your own pace. Other than keeping your drink cold for longer periods, you will not have to worry about your drink being watered down because these stones don’t melt. 

Exclusive Cocktail Recipes 

This is one of the most beneficial gifts for party animals. Your friend won’t have to spend endless hours on the internet trying to look up new cocktail ideas. Also, they won’t have to hop on the internet every time they forget a cocktail recipe. You can find many book options for delicious drinks recipes to make for the perfect gift for any cocktail lover. 

A Good Speaker System 

If your budget is a little higher than the previous ideas, then you can take your game up a notch and search for a high-quality Bluetooth speaker or a good speaker system for your party animal friend. This way, they will be able to blast their music and enjoy it at high volumes with a good bass without having to suffer from a mediocre sound system. 

A Karaoke System 

We all know that any good party must have a karaoke contest. These activities make any party much more enjoyable. This is why a karaoke system is perfect for those who don’t want to risk getting bored during party time. Besides, this is a gift that you can also enjoy with your friend for some quality time instead of other traditional activities.

Most of the time, people jump to booze-related gifts when they are thinking of picking the perfect birthday gift for party animals. While there are some useful devices and booze-related items that will show how much you know your friend, there are still other gift ideas such as booze shirts, speakers, or karaoke machines that any party maniac would definitely enjoy.

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