Vuzix Star 1200 Glasses: Enjoy Fantasy in the Real World!

Vuzix Star 1200 is not your every day pair of glasses: they have he capacity to apparently change the reality around you. These types of glasses are known as augmented reality (AR) headsets and they are famous for being prohibitively expensive. Thanks to Vuzix however, the price problem is about to change…for some. The special device is $5,000, which even though is still a lot of money, it is considerably more affordable than the military-grade AR glasses.

Vuzix Star 1200 offers the possibility to introduce virtual elements into the real world by enabling the viewer to see both the surrounding reality and some computer generated information. Blending the two worlds is possible thanks to a high number of technologies used by the device, including six motion tracking sensors, high display resolution (the equivalent of a 60-inch screen viewed from a 10 feet distance), adjustable earphones and more.

The high tech glasses can now be pre-ordered, but you will only get them after a couple of months, as shipping will only begin in August. We are really excited to see what the future will bring in this domain. Will we ever reach the point where discerning between reality and computer generated information becomes impossible?

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