Volkswagen BlueSport Again Considered for Production

For those who really wanted to see the Volkswagen BlueSport enter production, the German automaker has some good news. According to EVO Magazine, who spoke with Volkswagen’s head of engineering Uli Hackenberg, the beautiful mid-engine convertible is (again) one step closer to its production version.

That doesn’t mean that you should expect the production model any sooner than a couple of years or so, but still, it’s good to know that VW is giving the project some serious thought. Apparently Hackenberg said that those who think that there will not be a market for the BlueSport are wrong. However, the automaker still needs to (re)gauge demand before it gives its final “OK” for the convertible. If sales estimates reach at least 50,000 units worldwide, the BlueSport will finally be approved for production.

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