Virgin Galactic to Create James Bond-Inspired Space Suits

Virgin Galactic has already got an officially opened spaceport, a first commercial pilot training for the inaugural flight, and plenty of wealthy tourists on the space flight waiting list. The next natural step is to create some very special space suites, right?

Exactly how special are we talking here? Sources say that Sir Richard Branson’s company has got James Bond-inspired suits in mind! Apparently, when the first space tourists will explore the outer space in 2013, they will be wearing replicas of Bond and Holly Goodhead’s costumes from the 1979 movie “Moonraker”. These will obviously have to suffer some changes in design, in order to comply with the current flight norms, but that will not make them any less awesome.

Tourists will also receive high definition helmets to go with their space suites. These will be lined with a perfectly comfortable soft fabric, will have incorporated microphones and headphones, and will be connected to an oxygen tank.Virgin Galactic to Create James Bond-Inspired Space Suits

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