Vilner Unveils the Luxed-Up Jeep Wrangler

The sturdy Jeep Wrangler is not exactly the most luxurious car out there, but it sure is a fun car to drive. Thanks to Vilner, however, the 4×4 SUV is now more stylish than ever. The Bulgarian tuners have turned this off-road car into a luxe vehicle capable of transporting its passengers in utmost comfort.

While the exterior received some attention too, it’s the interior that has gone through a truly impressive metamorphosis. On the outside, Vilner added numerous different chromium-plated elements, such as the wing mirror covers, the radiator grill, and the door handles. The upgraded Wrangler also boasts new rims, LED day lights, and crystal headlights.

For the interior, the tuners used only high-end materials, and missed no detail in the makeover process. A beautiful combination of black and Sahara-sands-colored leather dominates the interior, while a special material that resembles the pattern of turtle shells was used here and there for a touch of exoticism. Chromium-plated and brass elements complete the luxurious interior of the tuned Wrangler. Have a look at the final result in the photos below.

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