Utah’s Exploding Careers in Tech: How Men Can Compete with a Custom-Tailored Suit

custom suit

custom suit

Utah didn’t get coined “Silicone Slopes” for nothing. What was once known as an outdoor adventurer’s playground (and it still is), Utah is following San Francisco’s lead and becoming known for it’s exploding tech industry. 

Seems a little counterintuitive, but check this out… 

From 2008 to 2018, Utah’s tech industry job growth was 4.9 percent per year, the third-highest in the country. On top of that, Utah’s tech industry accounted for 6.4 percent of the state’s employees in 2018, fifth-highest in the U.S. and well above the 4.4 percent nationwide average.1

This type of environment is going to attract a lot of talented job seekers, which means a lot of competition if you’re considering moving to the Beehive State for opportunity. So how do you separate yourself from the pack? 

You do it with a custom-tailored suit from an experienced local tailor. Here’s how a well-fitted suit can make all the difference between landing that job or collecting unemployment.  

It Makes a Great First Impression

You know the old saying, “you only get one chance to make a good first impression, so it better be good.” This is something that is worth remembering when you are trying to succeed in a job interview, as the interview itself is merely an opportunity for you to make the best first impression you possibly can. 

You are going to do that much more successfully if you look the part, so getting a custom-tailored suit is going to be really important in facilitating that. Dress right, and you will come across right that first time – which not only increases your chances of landing the job, but improves your future working relationship with that employer too. What’s more, a tailored suit shows that you look after yourself and care about your appearance.

Which leads us to…

It Shows You Care

One of the things you need to make sure of in any job interview, especially in a competitive place like Utah, is that you are coming across as genuinely finding it important. You have to show that you care about the position, and that you have put the necessary effort into making sure you look the part. Wearing the right suit, and in particular a custom-made suit, is going to help give the impression that you are serious about the position, and that you take the opportunity seriously. If the interviewer can see that you took the time to look your best, it will help your chances massively.

It Displays Respect

It’s amazing how often people forget how important respect is. Your future employer wants to know that you respect the workplace, the job and the company, and that you are going to therefore be a respectful employee. Dressing well for the interview shows that you respect the rules and the company, especially if there is a dress code that they are going to ask you to follow. Showing up in your best tailor-made suit shows that you have a great deal of respect for the position and the business in question – and that is something that your interviewer is bound to appreciate. You never want to be underdressed for an interview.

It Exudes Confidence 

Finally, let’s talk about confidence. This is the most important quality of all if you are hoping to get any job that you are applying for. If you can walk into an interview with enough confidence, it will make it that much more likely that you are going to get the job. You will be showing to the interviewer that you care about the position and yourself, and that you are a reliable and trustworthy individual who should be employed. Confidence really is like a trick that ensures you succeed in all you try to do.

The single best way to feel more confident for an interview is to spend time ensuring that your appearance is as good as possible. Buying yourself the best custom-tailored suit you can find is going to really make this a lot easier. If you go into the interview wearing your best suit, you will feel much better about yourself, and you will immediately be able to psych yourself up and settle into your natural confident state. This will make you much more likely to show yourself as the person for the job, and increase your chances of employment greatly.

Finding Your Perfect Suit

All well and good – but where can you actually find the perfect suit for your next job interview in Utah? At UWM Men’s Shop in Utah, you will find a range of professional-looking, perfectly cut suits, tailor-made to your body and designed to impress. They can help you to find the perfect suit for your next interview, designed by master tailors in Salt Lake City.