Urban Living: Travelling on Two Wheels

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If you are a city dweller with a busy schedule, getting about can be a problem, especially during the rush hour slots and you may have noticed the trendy street bikes that are so popular now. Lightweight and powerful, the latest generation of 125cc street machines provide the ultimate urban riding experience and with no parking issues, you can be anywhere at a certain time.

Leave the Car at Home

Living in the city is nice and if you could take the traffic congestion away, things would be that much nicer; leaving the car at home and taking the bike changes everything and think of the money you’ll save. A small motorcycle uses very little fuel and will get you where you need to be with the minimum of effort; simply wear your helmet and a jacket and you are good to go for a short ride to that nice coffee shop.

Scooter Style Bikes

Smaller wheels and a stylish fairing, the scooter is perfect for getting about in the city and with engine sizes ranging from 125-300cc, the scooter zips in and out of traffic and with LED lighting and controls, your urban ride is always ready for action.

Road Legal

Wherever you live, you need to obtain the right type of driving licence for the bike of your choosing, while also taking out one of Rabbit Finance motorbike insurance policies, which will cover you for every eventuality. Of course, you will need the right clothing and safety equipment, including:

  • Full-Face Helmet – This should fit correctly.
  • Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Essential skin protection.
  • Motorcycle Gloves
  • Leather or Denim Pants
  • Boots with Ankle Support

You are advised to enroll in a local motorcycle riding school, where you will learn how to control the bike in all conditions and this will stand you in good stead throughout your riding days.

Sports Bikes

If you follow Mark Marquez and Valentino Rossi, why not choose a super-sports road bike? These awesome bikes incorporate MotoGP technology and they look every bit as tasty as the racing team bikes. If speed is your thing, a sports machine will excite and with superb handling and more than enough horsepower, you can feel the thrill of high-speed riding and with a choice of small, mid-range and superbike series, there will be the perfect bike for you. Click here for some great organising tips for 2021.

Cheap & Convenient

A smart street bike offers cheap and convenient urban travel and your living costs will drop if you leave the car in the garage and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on your urban bike. Even when you do have to visit a petrol station, filling up costs next to nothing and you are good for a couple of hundred miles, if not more. When you need to pop into town and meet a broker, you park up and lock your helmet to the bike; a quick comb of the hair and you are ready.

If you would like to view the latest bikes, a Google search is all it takes and you can take the first steps to becoming an urban bike rider.

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