Unique HYT H1 Sand Barth Timepiece

The timepiece that we’re about to present was created by a Swiss watchmaker named HYT, and what makes it truly special is the fact that it carries within a piece of one of the world’s most amazing beaches. The beach that we are talking about can be found on the French overseas collectivity named Saint Barthélemy, and it undoubtedly deserves a visit at least once in a lifetime.

Unique HYT H1 Sand Barth Timepiece (3)

The limited edition H1 Sand Barth timepiece by HYT flaunts a 48.8mm case that was created using a strong yet lightweight material named polyepoxyde. The case includes a few grains of sand from the Anse du Gouverneur beach in St. Barths, which means that the wearer can always carry a piece of this iconic place with him wherever he goes. As a nod to the beautiful Caribbean Sea, the piece boasts a circular tube that houses a blue liquid. Those who wish to wear the watch at formal occasions can opt for a black rubberized alligator strap with blue stitches, while those who want to go for a more casual look can always choose a simpler white rubber strap.

This unique timepiece is limited to just 25 units, each featuring a price of $67,300.

Unique HYT H1 Sand Barth Timepiece (1)

Unique HYT H1 Sand Barth Timepiece (2)

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