Understanding Your NDIS Plan

The NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, is an excellent way for people with debilitating disabilities and illnesses to get the support they deserve. The scheme is complex, as it is designed to cater to a huge variety of clients, but it is this complexity that is often what overwhelms people looking to enquire into the service. Being overwhelmed might present itself in different ways depending on the person, but regardless of how it manifests, it can have very negative implications for the NDIS plan. In this article we examine the importance of pre-planning for an NDIS plan arrangement to prevent any negative results due to poor planning, confusion, or lack of information, or anything else. 

Why pre-planning is important

Although you might think you might be prepared for your NDIS meeting, there may in fact be a lot you’ve not yet considered, or it might just be the case that you’re overwhelmed or feeling highly emotional. If this is the case, then you might find that the plan you are given isn’t actually what you need, and this is where NDIS pre-planning helps considerably. Pre-planning is a way to properly understand the NDIS and how this scheme relates specifically to you. This knowledge can help you get a lot more out of your NDIS scheme, as it takes all the worry out and gives you the right kinds of questions to think about. As a result, this planning helps take out a lot of bad feelings that the process can result in: the stress and confusion, anxiety, feeling of being overwhelmed due to uninformed decision-making and overall lack of knowledge to ensure you get the right support for you. Qualified advice from industry professionals can give you the tools necessary to empower you through informed decision-making. 

An example of a pre-planning service

As an example of a pre-planning service with the NDIS, MS Australia offers pre-planning as a free service to equip people with MS with the right knowledge to properly understand how an NDIS plan affects them. This includes being provided with the relevant support and information for each unique case, as stages and symptoms related to multiple sclerosis can be highly dissimilar – with this in mind, someone diagnosed with MS simply researching basic information related to the illness can be highly unproductive, which is why such pre-planning services are so valuable. In the case of MS Australia, this service is provided in person in New South Wales, Victoria, ACT and Tasmania, in addition to being available over the phone to ensure that remoteness doesn’t impede any valuable pre-planning. And just because MS Australia focuses on people wit multiple sclerosis, doesn’t mean that it is exclusively the case – those with other neurological issues can also find excellent advice. 

Ensure you’re properly prepared

If you’re feeling confused by the NDIS, looking for the right support to prepare for your first meeting can go a long way to ensuring you get the most out of the Scheme. From basic advice to help with documentation, pre-planning services allow for comprehensive, targeted preparation for those who might have otherwise been overwhelmed. The NDIS has been doing wonderful things for people with debilitating disabilities or health serious issues and illnesses, so make sure that you get the support that you deserve.   

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