Uma Ubud Bali Resort – A Piece of Heaven

Uma Ubud Bali Resort – A Piece of Heaven (25)

Forget about all your worries at the magical Uma Ubud boutique hotel in Indonesia. Located in the cultural hub of the Bali Island – Ubud – the lovely resort overlooks the gorgeous Tjampuhan Valley. Uma Ubud has got 29 luxury rooms to offer at prices ranging from $260 to $555 per night.

More than luxe accommodation and impeccable service, the resort also flaunts beautiful surroundings: narrow paths lead you from suite to suite, lovely tropical gardens enchant you with their charm, perfectly mowed green lawns caress your feet and tall tropical trees (often explored by monkeys) complete the scenery with their majesty.

The resort is open twelve months a year and is always happy to welcome and pamper new guests. Here, besides maximum comfort and serene luxury, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy challenging physical exercises and relaxing spa treatments.

Uma Ubud Bali Resort – A Piece of Heaven (22)