Ultrasonic LP Record Cleaner By Klaudio

Many people still own plenty of LPs and some of them even have huge collections so it makes sense that they would want to keep them in the best possible shape. For $4000, those who want to keep the memories of the old days alive for years to come can now purchase an automatic LP cleaner courtesy of a company called Klaudio.

Dubbed CLN-LP200, this innovative gadget uses no less than 200 watts of ultrasonic power in order to make records almost as good as new by ridding them of dust and grime. At the end of the cleaning process, a series of blow driers get rid of all the extra moisture. The device needs distilled water and a regular LP in order to function properly.

The entire cleaning procedure lasts somewhere between 3 to 9 minutes, and the progress is shown to the user on a modern LED screen. Needless to say, this thing won’t damage your LPs in any way, and it is definitely a must-have for any true collector.








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