The Ultimate World Cruise? Yes, Viking Cruises Says

Do you have eight months or so to spare? Do you like cruises? If the answer to both questions is “yes”, then Viking cruises’ “Ultimate World Cruise” is for you. The cruise leaves London next August, circumnavigates the world, visits six continents, and returns to London after 245 days. During the trip, guests will get to see wonderful landscapes in England, Scotland, and Ireland, visit the Nordic countries, touch Canada, and the US, traverse the Caribbean, pass through Brazil, visit the Amazon, cruise around Cape Horn, return to the US East Coast, then head for the South Pacific, check out the best Kiwi live casinos in New Zealand, cruise the Australian coast, then head over to South Asia, visit China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore, cruise the Red Sea, see Egypt, explore the Mediterranean, and return to England at the end of the trip.

Viking Spirit Ocean Cruise Ship

The trip

As we mentioned before, Viking’s Ultimate World Cruise is a 245-day-long cruise touching six continents and 59 countries. During the cruise, the guests will have the chance to participate in 113 guided tours, exploring nature and history as well as the buzzing life of modern-day cities, and spend 22 nights in ports, having the chance to explore their secrets. This will be the longest-ever continuous world cruise itinerary ever, with the Viking Sun setting sail from London on August 21, 2019, and arriving back to London 245 days later.

For those who feel that 245 days is a bit too much to spend on board a cruise ship in one sitting, can opt for Viking World Treasures, a 127-day-long cruise from London to Los Angeles with 61 ports in 33 countries on its itinerary or the 119-day Viking World Wonders from LA to London, visiting 29 countries and 55 ports.

How much will it cost?

Pricing for Viking Ultimate World Cruise start $92,990 per person, Viking World Treasures starts at $47,995 per person, and pricing for Viking World Wonders start at $45,995 per person. Each of the three options include Business Class international air, transfers to and from the ship, all gratuities and service fees, three complimentary visa services, free luggage shipping services for embarkation and Viking’s Silver Spirits beverage package covering virtually all drinks on board.

The Ultimate World Cruise

About Viking

Viking Cruises has been around for more than two decades, offering its customers what Chairman Torstein Hagen calls “the thinking person’s cruise”, an alternative to mainstream cruises focusing on science, history, culture, and cuisine. The company currently operates a fleet of 63 vessels, used in river cruises and ocean cruises. Viking plans to add two new cruise ships to its fleet in the next two years, and further expand it with 10 more ships starting 2019, and become the largest small ship cruise line in the world.

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