U.K. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Stamps with Real Diamonds

On June 5, 2012, the United Kingdom will celebrate it Queen’s 60th year of reign. For this very special anniversary, the Jersey Post created a limited edition stamp collection like no other before. Featuring two very important portraits – one of Queen Elizabeth II, and one of her father, King George VI – each stamp sheet is embellished with a 1.25-mm diamond.

When the Jersey Post will release the collection on February 6, it will be the first time that a diamond-adorned stamp collection will be issued in the U.K. Each hand-cut gem will be affixed, using a special technique, on the queen’s diamond diadem crown in the portrait. The stamps were printed by Cartor Security Printing of France, who found a way of allowing stamps to be bejeweled.

According to Sally Diamond Ferbrache, the head of the Jersey Philatelic Bureau, Cartor Security Printing of France has had a long and close relationship with the Bureau, so when she learned about their new technique of gem studding stamps, she decided she couldn’t miss the opportunity to do something really special for the upcoming Diamond Jubilee.

Only 600 examples of these very special stamp sheets have been created, and they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.U.K. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Stamps with Real Diamonds (2)

U.K. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Stamps with Real Diamonds (1)


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