Twinkind Makes 3D Miniature Versions of You for $1,700

People have always been inclined to leave images of themselves behind, for other generations to see. We have seen this in the form of cave paintings, which have gradually evolved into beautifully drawn portraits, surprisingly accurate sculptures, paper photographs and high-definition digital images.

With the advent of 3D printing technologies, immortalizing ourselves has reached a whole new dimension. Twinkind is a Germany-based company that encourages you to “Get a twin of your kind” in the shape of a life-like miniature figurine made with industrial-grade 3D printers.

An advanced scanning technology is used to “read” every single detail of the model, including the hairstyle, facial expression and various folds in the clothing. The data is then processed and transformed in cute sculptures that will definitely find an excellent place on the mantle next to or instead of your old family pictures.

You can choose any pose that best represents you and you can even get a tiny 3D statue of your beloved pet! Because the technology is still relatively new, models are encouraged to avoid some fabrics that have the potential of confusing the scanners. These include chiffon, tulle, and silk, but we’re pretty sure you can find something else to accurately show your personal style!

The 3D miniature version of you can vary between 6 and 13 inches, with the tallest one being priced at $1,700. We are looking forward to a future where printing 3D printing will be as easy as taking a photo with your DSLR camera!