Turnberry Isle Says Goodbye to Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Turnberry Isle Says Goodbye to Fairmont Hotels & Resorts 1

After a long collaboration with Fairmont Hotel & Resorts, Turnberry Isle & Resort near Miami decided to usher out Fairmont and thank the company for its efforts. Apparently Turnberry hasn’t been satisfied with its manager and brand for years. After complaining about fees and marketing strategies, the luxury resort finally decided to make a change and say goodbye to Fairmont, the company which currently manages 56 hotels around the world.

After dismissing their long-time partner, Turnberry also filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court on Sunday, determined to get a judge’s official opinion on whether or not they should pay Fairmont a fee for terminating their contract.

On the same day that these two hotels ended their collaboration, Edition Hotel in Honolulu decided to give up Marriott’s managing services too. This was not the only kick that Marriott International Inc. got, as last month Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach sued the company for mismanaging the hotel and causing financial problems. Marriott denied the allegations and contested both moves.