Try New Methods To Find a Job

If you’ve found it hard to find a job during this Covid-19 pandemic, trust me, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans were laid off or fired because of the pandemic and many of them were looking for work at the same time. Luckily the pandemic is starting to subside world-wide and things are starting to open back up once again. This means not only that we might be able to continue our regular lives once again, but it also means that the employment market will be opening back up and companies will be looking for new hires to help them fill their mandate. So, if you’ve found it difficult to find a job, don’t be discouraged, just realize that there are different avenues that you might not have ventured into yet that may be able to help you find work. Here are a couple of them,

1.      Staffing agencies Seattle. 

If you’ve never looked into a staffing agency, they’re worth it. There are staffing agencies everywhere that help connect employers with employees. The great part about them is that the companies will actually contact them and ask for help to find a worker that will match a certain criteria and be able to help them improve there company or fill a position. Sometimes this criteria will range from hours per week to specific credentials. 

Regardless, there are no shortage of jobs and specialties that they are looking for. If you don’t live in the Seattle area or are looking for work in a different city, all you need to do is google “staffing agencies near me” and it will direct you to a staffing agency that will benefit you. The process is quite simple as well, they’ll have you fill out an application and insert your open times as well as preferred working days and hours. You’ll say if you’d rather work part time or full time, and then tell them what field you would prefer to work in. 

There’s a section for past work experience and a section where you can insert any skills or talents that might be useful in your new workplace. After that, a representative will look through your folder and match you up with an employer that is looking for someone with your credentials. An interview will be set up and you will have the opportunity to come on to their team as a temporary employee. Then, if you perform as they’d like you to, the company can reach out and offer you a full-time position. From there, you can start building your career.

2.      Think about different areas that benefited from the recent events in the United States. 

For instance, internet companies, tech companies, shipping companies, and call centers all became extremely popular because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of these have stations or storefronts in every city and might be hiring to keep up with orders. Think of places near you that might have become more popular and try them first.

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