Trump’s Opulent Private Boeing Worth $100 Million

A few months back, famous real estate mogul and television personality Donald Trump bought a used Boeing 757 from Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. Now completely refurbished, the luxury jet will make its maiden voyage from New York to Washington on Friday. But before leaving LaGuardia Airport, this $100 million aircraft was opened for the NY Post, who took a first look at it and talked to the pilots.

Trump will enjoy a luxurious private bedroom and bathroom with shower while flying from point A to point B. The bedroom features a large flat-screen TV, a work desk and two closets: one for Mr. Trump, one for his wife. Almost everything in the plane is gold plated, including the lighting fixtures, the seatbelts and all the sinks.

The couches in the main cabin provide comfort and feature a lovely cream hue that goes well with the rest of the craft’s interior. Make sure you don’t miss the video below for a better look at this amazing personal jet, worth $100 million.

Trump’s Opulent Private Boeing Worth $100 Million 

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