Tropical Island Paradise: A Luxury Yacht Like No Other

Obviously inspired by the ever-fascinating tropical islands “of the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Polynesia”, Tropical Island Paradise is a stunning superyacht with a completely unconventional design. Created by Yacht Island Design, the vessel is 90 meters (295 feet) long and boasts a volcano-like superstructure and even several cabanas on the main deck.

The bizarre concept illustrates the company’s determination to “carve a niche for ourselves within the market, a place where other designers fear to tread”. The yacht is designed to host up to eight guests plus the owner in 4 VIP suites and one luxurious owner’s suite. All suites boast direct access to the main deck and they all have private balconies. An outdoor dining area, a bar and a swimming pool are also part of the fascinating main deck.

The owner’s suite is spread across two decks and is actually built inside the large volcano. Its amenities include two balconies, a spa, a spacious living room and a bedroom. Some of the most alluring features of the yacht (besides the main deck) are the library, the cinema, the spa, the gym and the games room. Another thing that we love are the deployable floating beach islands that create a unique sea-level platform for relaxation or water activities.

When studio director Rob McPherson was asked why they created such an unusual concept (and this is not their only one), he simply said that “it’s good fun”. He then added that this is the kind of niche that they want to create for themselves. Great work, Yacht Island Design!

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