Travel Trends – Luxury Villas Outclass Hotel Accommodations

Lune de Miel, St. Martin

Most of the time, travelers start with a small checklist as they plan their vacation: book the flight, arrange for transportation on the island, look up some of the best restaurants in the area, and reserve a hotel room. However, most people never stop to think that a hotel isn’t the only option for luxury accommodations. Luxury villas provide the same 5 star ambiance as hotels with the added comfort of being far from other guests and travelers, giving you more time to spend relaxing and enjoying your trip.

Caribbean villas have an advantage over accommodations at nearly any other vacation spot: no matter where they’re located, they’re only a couple minutes away from the beach. Caribbean islands have the distinctive trait of being long but narrow, making every spot on the island practically beachfront real estate. What makes this so special is that most of the luxury accommodations on the islands aren’t even directly on the beach, and in fact many beaches don’t even have lodgings. While that 5 star hotel you’ve been looking at may be built practically right on the sand, luxury villas that are further inland give you more options for comfort and relaxation, complete with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area from your own private balcony.

Caribbean Villas Have No Equal

A fully equipped villa in the Caribbean gives you all the tastes of the dreamy tropical paradise from a more comfortable setting. Even the nicest hotel rooms often come across as sterile and uninviting, every room a carbon copy of the one next to it and no originality or flair at all. It feels like you’re in a hotel, not in your own private paradise far from the reach of the hassles of daily life. In a luxury villa a traveler can relax and feel at home while enjoying a unique blend of aristocratic comfort and serene, peaceful solitude. You feel like you’re miles from anything, although the best restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and beaches are still just minutes away.

 Lune de Miel, St. MartinGranted, anywhere you go in the Caribbean is sure to be a treat, but it makes more sense to visit this luxurious paradise on your own terms. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you watch the azure waves of the Caribbean Sea settle gently onto the white sand beach from one of the many fine luxury villas available for rent on any of your favorite Caribbean islands.