Top Prada Perfumes for Women

Ahhh, perfume. It truly is a treat for the nose. It can be sexy, playful and even delicious.

When thinking of the finest perfumes on the market, the Prada brand tops the list. This Italian luxury fashion house is known for specializing in high quality goods that stand out from the rest and their perfume is no exception.

If you are a fan of perfume and want to step into the world of Prada, here are a few Prada perfumes for women worth checking out.

Top Prada Perfumes for Women

Prada Candy: Prada Candy combines a light musky scent with caramel notes of benzoin along with touches of honey and vanilla. The overall tone is elegant and sophisticated yet distinctly feminine. The bright pink and gold box provides the perfect presentation.

Prada Infusion d-Iris: The sweet citrus notes in this perfume combines with a rich cedar scent that is desirable and sexy. It opens with notes of mandarin, galbanum, orange, and orange blossom and then goes on to reveal a heart of iris, cedar, and vetiver. It is perfect for adding warmth to a cold, winter night.

Prada Amber: This oriental fragrance is a modern variant on the original classic.  Mandarin, vanilla, rose absolute, labdanum, bergamont, tonka bean, bitter orange, and sandalwood notes contribute to its vibrant aroma. Its lavender box and unique bottle provide a presentation that takes it to the next level.

Prada Candy Kiss: Feminine, seductive and downright addictive, this perfume features the musky scent of white cotton complemented by hints of orange blossom and vanilla. Its lipstick kissed box is an added touch that makes the perfume simply irresistible.

Prada Candy Gloss: This eau de toilette spray is distinctly sweet and feminine. Its scent comes across as a sorbet featuring hints of orange blossom and sweet cherry. Its edible aroma and ice cream pink box make the product even more attractive.  

Prada Candy Florale: This eau de toilette makes the perfect spring and summer scent. It can be described as romantic and powdery featuring top notes of limoncello sorbet followed by flower of peony with a base of benzoin, musk, caramel, and honey. The distinctly feminine light pink box and bottle set it apart. 

A Natural Alternative

While little can compare to an authentic Prada perfume, there are other perfumes that smell great and feature all natural ingredients you will appreciate. One of those is The Naked Bee’s Orange Honey Blossom Perfume.

Naked Bee is known for providing natural skin care products with nourishing ingredients and terrific scents. Their Orange Honey Blossom Perfume is made with three simple, all-natural ingredients making the product stand apart from other perfume manufacturers that use harsh chemicals. The orange blossom scent with a touch of honey makes for a refreshing aroma that is sure to turn heads.

If you are a perfume fan, go ahead and treat yourself to one of these top Prada perfumes for women. But keep in mind that there are all natural alternatives that you may also enjoy. Which is your favorite scent?

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