Top Landscaping Projects to Take Up in 2021

The new year is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor garden area and add new visual elements to your landscape. Even small changes like lining your walkway with river rocks and hanging fairy lights can transform your outdoor space. Read on to find out some of our favorite landscaping trends for 2021.

1. Relaxing Recreational Space

Revamp your outdoor patio area to capture the essence of vacationing in your own backyard. Build a getaway that you can escape to every day.

•    Add a fire pit to your outdoor patio and customize it with your favorite stonework and firepit design. Fire Pits come in round and square shapes and can be built-in to the ground or raised.

•    Select some outdoor patio furniture to enjoy roasting marshmallows or sit under the stars. Adirondack chairs are a great way to feel like you’re at a mountain lodge and come in various vibrant colors for creative expression.

•    Add an outdoor kitchen and grill area to fix your favorite foods while enjoying the fresh air and elevating your outdoor entertainment experience.

2. Awe Inspiring Entryway

•    Decorate the entryway to your outdoor area or front door with a garden arch or trellis. Plant your favorite vining plants, like sweet peas and climbing roses, and let nature do the rest. Within a few months, the trellis will be covered with stunning colors and textures.

•    Build a walkway leading through your trellis with stones or brick. Limestones are a great weatherproof choice that can be cut into various shapes and sizes. For a traditional look, opt for classic red brick or white bricks. For an enchanted charm, choose stepping stones in a round or square shape.

•    Hang solar-powered fairy lights around the top of your trellis for a magical touch at night.

3. Symmetrical Standouts

•    Adding symmetry to your outdoor space can give it a sleek makeover. Line each side of a path with symmetrical benches or planters for a clean, sleek look.

•    In your outdoor garden, try spacing planter boxes evenly apart with stepping stones leading to each box.

•    Try mirror-image symmetry, design your yard so that your favorite flowers, shrubs or trees, are planted with an identical plant opposite of them on the other side of your yard.

•    Size Symmetry- For a less formal look, try planting doubles of the same size plants spaced symmetrically from each other. You can plant hibiscus flowers on one side of your outdoor space and roses bushes on the other to capture a size symmetrical look that highlights various colors and textures for a more eye-catching look.

4. Shady Days, Relaxing Nights

Escape from the sun with the addition of a Pergola or Gazebo. The right choice for you depends on the coverage you are looking for. A gazebo provides complete shelter from the sun, while a pergola’s criss cross wooden planks allow some sunlight to shine in. Both can be wall-mounted to attach to one side of your house; this provides an additional layer of protection from severe weather.

•    Pergolas: Provide semi-protection from the sun and a great for vining plants to naturally decorate and create a living roof. Stretch out on a yoga mat or nap in the sun for a relaxing afternoon. Generally, a pergola will be a permanent fixture though freestanding pergolas are available as well.

•    Gazebos: Gazebos are fully enclosed under a roof and often have siding leading to one entry point. Come in Patio, pop-up, or grill. Patio gazebos are typically permanent fixtures, while pop-ups are portable, as the name implies.

•    Add fairy lights along the top of your pergola or gazebo for an enchanting evening under twinkling lights. A screen can be added to keep bugs out.

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