Top 8 Benefits of Using a Word Unscrambler

Have you ever played a game of Scrabble where you suddenly felt so frustrated because you couldn’t remember a word that was supposed to be very familiar? This elusive feeling that we all experience at some point is scientifically known as the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon, or lethologica to be specific, and nothing keeps it at bay better than word unscramblers do. While word games may seem like a fun time-passing activity, you can actually improve your cognitive abilities and memory by playing them. Here’s an overview of why word unscramblers can help you out in a pinch.

  • Improves Your Memory

One of the rarely mentioned benefits of word unscramblers is their ability to improve cognitive function. While many see it as an easy way out of a word game, it can help you more than you think. Research indicates that spending a lot of time trying to remember something on the tip of your tongue, a phenomenon that’s known as lethologica, can actually make this more difficult. The experience of spending time and effort trying to remember a word instills the feeling of confusion in you rather than helps you learn the word. With that being said, a word or letter unscrambler will help you find the word you are looking for before you start getting frustrated, and this will help you remember it faster the next time.

  • Level the Playing Field

When you play Scrabble or any other word game online, you may be up against someone who uses a word unscrambler. You will notice that they keep getting an incredibly high score in a very short time. Once you ascertain your suspicions, it’s time to bring in the big guns. When you use this tool, no one will be able to beat you in Scrabble or other word games in general.

  • It’s Not Cheating

Some people may view the usage of word unscramblers as cheating, but that is not true. It can give you a chance to practice and see how words can be formed, not to mention that they don’t necessarily have to be used in competitive matches. You can find out more here about why word unscramblers aren’t considered cheating. You can use these tools in get-togethers or against a computer opponent to improve your timing and expand your vocabulary.

  • They Add to Your Vocabulary

The first time you use a word unscrambler you’ll notice that you’re discovering new words rapidly. Aside from learning words that you have never heard about; you’ll refresh your memory by seeing words that you may have forgotten. Expanding the vocabulary of the user is almost done unconsciously because it’s not always the main motive behind using this tool, but it’s still one of its greatest benefits.

  1. Win Awards

If you’re playing online word games, you’ll get awarded trophies and rewards if you get the words right within a certain time limit or if you get a streak of right answers. These rewards or trophies don’t really translate to anything except bragging rights. However, they do always look good on your account as the word whiz on the block.

  • Creativity Booster

If you happen to be a writer, you may find that word unscramblers are a source of inspiration for creatively written sentences. The words you are used to can change into completely different words with the same letters, which can align perfectly in poems and fiction writing. There is almost no limit to the number of words you can generate to be able to write certain sentences. Word unscramblers are often used to find pseudonyms through anagrams.

  • Become Better

Word unscramblers give you a chance to become better at scrabble and a myriad of word games. Instead of getting stuck with random letters, you’ll be able to quickly formulate words without even using word unscramblers. Improving your game can sometimes be determined by your familiarity with certain words and structures, which is generously provided by unscramblers.

  • Creating Quizzes

If you’re planning on a night filled with fun with your family, a word unscrambler can have your back. You’ll be able to create interesting quiz questions that can keep your family and friends entertained for hours. Wordplay is a very popular type of educational games that combine fun with learning, making it quite beneficial for both children and adults.

Word unscramblers are quite effective in helping you avoid boring stalemates as much as possible. It is important to realize that it shouldn’t be used as a crutch, but rather, a way to make sure that you’re going in the right direction. Most word unscramblers are free to use, making them an indispensable resource that can net you with great results. 

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