Top 7 Reliable Ways to Get Your Ex Back

When a person you like/love breaks up with you, it is not unusual to feel as if you’re drowning. Breakups can be tough to swallow, especially if you’re the one who was left. Whichever the case, a breakup can also make you realize that you truly want to be with the person, even if you were up for the idea initially. The truth is; there’s always a chance that your ex can take you back despite who between the two of you was on the wrong. Want some gas to try and reignite the fire with your ex? 

Here are some top 7 reliable tips to get your ex back.

1. Be Patient and Gather the Facts

You are seemingly hollow, isolated, and desperate. The thought of an empty, broken heart won’t let you go another day alone. The desire for a companion is at the peak. But keep in mind that healing takes time. Instead, divert your attention to boosting your growth and upping your game. Before attempting to get your ex back, you may want to slow down, let the wounds dry, and heal. If you click here to read more about this, relationship coach Sam Romero says that the first and most important step to getting her back is to establish who ended the relationship and why. Perhaps she just lost attraction, you denied her some things, you cheated, or you stopped complimenting her. Maybe it was you who ended it. Getting your ex back will largely depend on how and why the break-up happened.

2. Cut Communication and Get Some “Me” Time

After a breakup, the last thing some people want is getting a text message or a phone call from the ex. At this point, the desire to hold a conversation can be deep but first, take a chill pill and avoid calling your ex. Reflect and have time to meditate about your life goals and visions. Conversations that transpire after a break up may only make the situation more intense. The resentment, rejection, aggression, and anger may come cutting deep like a double-edged sword. None of you may emotionally be stable to have a sober conversation at this time. Cool your heels!

3. Play Hard-To-Get

If your ex has made moves that are likely to insinuate that he or she wants the groove back, good for you. You probably want him or her back so badly, but it’s best to play dumb and numb. Instead, slap back with some reverse psychology to get more attention from your ex. Look suitable, blissful, and admirable, but not “available”.

4. Work on Yourself

For the ladies, this is the time to increase your value and use his weaknesses against him. What is it that he liked most about you? Was it your smile? If so, keep taking pictures of you in your cutest smile and post it on your Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram. That can leave him with an insane crave that will slowly make him crawl back on his fours wanting you back so badly.

5. Amend Yourself

Most people believe that just when they have broken up with their exes, they unexpectedly become cuter and better. The blindness impounded in love astonishingly disappears, and you begin to see their growth and betterment. Worse still, they are becoming better than you! Grab the breakup with both hands and improve on yourself. Make sure that you stay a step ahead of your ex… it makes reconsider being with you.

6. Engage Yourself

Occupy your mind with meaningful activities that will help you get over the hurt. Go on an adventure, travel abroad, or take up a new hobby. Do things that make you happy and distract your mind from being with your ex. After all, you never know if they moved on already, and this could hurt you twice as much if you end up being rejected again.

7. Play the Jealousy Trick

The jealousy trick often brings positive results in relationships. You just have to know how to use it without exceeding certain limits. With this trick, you can easily catch your ex’s attention and reignite their interest in you. Happy social media posts aside, you can also take up on something that he or she always wanted to share with you but didn’t for whatever reason. This can be an intelligent way to silently get him or her back onto your radar without much effort.

Sometimes you just can’t fight the emotions. Growing fond of someone can be habitual. More often than not, expecting a new relationship to be equivalent to the previous one is like selling ice to Eskimos. Most importantly, the warmth of love can be felt once more if given a chance. The above are just a few tips you can use to try and salvage a broken relationship.

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