Top 7 Most Luxurious Smartphones In The World

Smartphones have become so much more than mere gadgets that we use to communicate or browse the web. Indeed, some companies have some incredibly luxurious pieces on offer, most of which were adorned with precious metals and stones that allowed them to become status symbols. Today we’re going to have a look at seven of these luxurious smartphones, all of which are spectacular in their own way, and quite expensive to boot.

88 Tauri by Tonino Lamborghini Mobile

88 Tauri is a limited edition smartphone that performs as well as it looks. Clad in leather and other luxurious materials, the device is powered by a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor backed by 3GB of RAM, and it works just fine across 3G and 4G networks. Furthermore, it incorporates a generous 3400 mAh battery, which allows this 5-inch masterpiece to deliver up to 35 hours of talk time and 1000 hours of standby or placing bets at betting sites .

Antares by Tonino Lamborghini Mobile

Available in different colorways such as Rose Gold/Black Leather, Rose Gold/Brown Leather, Stainless Steel/Black Leather, Black/Red Leather, and Black/Blue Leather, this smartphone was inspired in its design by sports cars, and it boasts a 4-inch qHD display protected by Gorilla glass. Power-wise, it boasts 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a generous internal memory of 32GB.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus by Gresso

The iPhone 7 is already a status symbol, but thanks to the hard work of the good people over at Gresso, it has become a truly remarkable accessory. As part of a limited edition, the device boasts a standard aluminum body complemented by Grade-5 titanium plating. Furthermore, the back panel has received a luxe 18k gold or titanium insert, which adds a touch of lavishness to this eye-catching phone.

Signature For Bentley By Vertu

Vertu is famous when it comes to luxury phones, and the $18,400 Signature for Bentley is undoubtedly one of the company’s most appreciated handsets. Even though it’s not exactly a smartphone, this device impresses with polished black PVD keys with hidden a “till lit” key mat, a Bentley Flying B logo on the front part, as well as a carbon fiber pillow and Bentley leather with flute stitching inspired by Bentley seats.

Meridiist Infinite Phone By Tag Heuer

The original Meridiist was launched by Tag Heuer back in 2008, and even though this brand is mostly known for manufacturing watches, it actually did a very fine job with this unique gadget. What makes this phone stand out among its peers is a built-in photovoltaic panel that provides constant charge as long as it remains in contact with light. The panel is built into the phone’s display, and it includes a semi-cylindrical lens substrate that focuses the light, as well as a lenticular film with strips of photovoltaic cells.

Solarin Phone By Sirin Labs

Privacy is luxurious in a way, isn’t it? And in today’s world, one can never be too careful, which is why a company named Sirin Labs has come up with a very interesting product dubbed Solrain. This is a 5.5-inch Android smartphone that costs about $16,666, but for that kind of money, you can be sure that nobody’s snooping in on your conversations. The phone mainly offers protection against attacks and exploits, and it’s worth noting that it offers a large 4,000-mAh battery, a Snapdragon 810 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of non-expandable storage, and a beautiful 1440p IPS LCD display.

Goldvish Eclipse

Created with utmost attention to detail in Switzerland, the Goldvish Eclipse is a premium smartphone that boasts high-quality materials and finishes. This phone can be regarded as a work of art, but it is also completely functional, as it is powered by a reliable quad-core 2.5 GHz processor and 3GB of RAM. It also offers a generous 64GB of storage space, while its 5.5-inch Full HD display is protected from scratches by a durable coating.

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